Child Support/Maintenance/College Contribution

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Child Support/Maintenance/College Contribution

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Can I modify my child support obligation after a court order is entered?

Generally, yes. There are situations in which a modification of child support is allowed under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act as a result of a specific triggering event; however, there are also certain facts that could give rise to a party’s ability to either increase or decrease a child support obligation. Our firm can identify those statutory trigger events and facts and assist you in filing and litigating the appropriate pleadings to accomplish those modifications.

Can the costs of my son/daughter’s college education be allocated by the Court?

Yes, this can be done both pre-decree and post-decree depending on your situation as the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act provides for allocation of college expenses. There are numerous statutory factors that the court considers when deciding what costs are qualifying college expenses which are subject to allocation as well as numerous factors for the court to consider in how to allocate those qualifying expenses between the parties. Our experienced attorneys can apply these factors to your child’s college expenses and additionally, we can analyze both parties’ financial positions to determine a fair allocation of said expenses to argue to the court.

Is there a way to have child support withheld from my spouse’s paycheck ?

Yes, when the court orders child support or maintenance to be paid, the court can also enter an Income Withholding for Support. This is sent to your spouse, or ex-spouse’s employer and directs the employer to withhold the support from the employee’s paycheck and send the support to the Illinois State Disbursement Unit.

Are the children’s uncovered medical expenses, extracurricular activity expenses, and school expenses included in child support?

No. The Court can allocate these expenses between the parties in addition to setting a child support amount.

Can my spouse be ordered to maintain a life insurance policy insuring his or her own life and naming me as the beneficiary post-divorce to secure his or her child support or maintenance obligation?

Generally, yes.
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