Criminal Defense/Expungements

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Criminal Defense/Expungements

The Law Offices of David R. Del Re, P.C. can provide you with comprehensive legal experience and knowledge in the areas of family law, civil law and criminal law, including the following:

I only received one ticket from the police officer charging me with battery – that’s the only criminal charge that I have to face in court, correct?

No. In many instances, multiple charges can be brought against you by the prosecutors out of a single instance. You need an attorney who possess a wide-ranging knowledge of how to defend against all manner of criminal charges.

I was charged with domestic violence, but my family member does not want to go forward with the case – won’t all of the charges be dismissed?

No. The prosecutors can move forward with your case if the victim is uncooperative or recants. You need to speak with an attorney who can example your legal rights and the possible consequences you face moving forward.

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