Practice Areas

Child Support/Maintenance

Child support is essentially set by statute, however, the court is allowed to deviate from guidelines and therefore you need...
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Civil/Business Litigation

If your dispute is in Lake County, whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant, we are uniquely qualified to handle...
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Complex Financial Divorce

The firm has utilized forensic accountants, appraisers and valuation experts to maximize settlements, determine actual income of parties in a...
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Having two former Assistant State’s Attorneys in the firm and the relationships built with prosecutors in Lake County, we are...
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Driver’s License Reinstatement

Being able to drive legally is essential to everyday life in Illinois. Based on new changes in the law and your...
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Our firm can help you seal or expunge prior arrests, dismissed cases, sentences of supervision, and some convictions. You can trust...
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If you and your spouse wish to attempt to reach an agreement through the mediation process, we have mediators in-house...
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Parental Allocation

Our firm has tried to verdict/ruling hundreds of contested custody cases throughout the past 16 years. Child custody requires attorneys...
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